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Ladies' League

Printable PDF- 2014 Ladies League Schedule



1 Amy Cohen / Heather Corpus 12 Linda Driscoll / Claudia Kleinmeyer / Lori Stecker
2 Amy Spratt / Ann Kleinmeyer 13 Marg Stockman / Joyce Amelon
3 Dawn Malloy / Renee Rathjen 14 Marlene Werner / Jane Knudsen
4 Jackie Hahn / Carolyn Rathjen 15 Myrna Curtis / Pat Scott
5 Jane Knock / El Kauffman 16 Pauline McAreavy / Deb Kinney
6 Jess Griggs / Stacy Horvath 17 Rachel Becker / Abby Sanchez
7 Kim Heitman / Stacy Ackerman 18 Randee Slings / Darcy Schaefer / Melissa Jack
8 Kim Roberts / Jessica Schropp 19 Ruth Becker / Marsha Jones
9 Lea Kleinmeyer / Lindsay Foster / Jodie Driscoll 20 Sara Hoffman / Amy Becker
10 Leanne Miller / Rose Grace 21 Sonya Maas / Hayley Yearian
11 Lexi Belland / Jamie Knock 22 Sue Schaefer / Coleen Yearian



Janna Wilkins 319-310-7861
Casey Wetjen 319-269-3704
Tammy Vogel 319-325-1276
Jessica Altenhofen 319-321-8648
Jan Doehrmann 319-430-5025
Deb Knock 319-400-1890



  • Hole #1 will be played as a par 4.
  • Play will begin at 5:30pm. Please report to your assigned hole ASAP.
  • In order to speed up play, follow the IGA guidelines for max score per hole (listed below).
  • Use your club head to move the ball six inches, no closer to the hole in the ROUGH ONLY.
  • If you cannot play on a scheduled night, you can make it up anytime prior or up to two weeks after the scheduled date.  Date your card with the date of the match you are making up.
  • Play CANNOT be made up by one team playing earlier in the day and the other later. At least one person per team must play together.
  • If a team forfeits, the opponent will get 7 points as long as they play.
  • If neither team can play, no points will be awarded to either team. 
  • Rainout – no points will be given for a rainout resulting in less than 5 holes played. ALL teams must complete 5 holes to get points for a rainout – scores from the first 5 holes will be use and the last 4 holes will be split. If you play your match prior and the scheduled night is rained out, scores from the first 5 holes will be used and the last 4 will be split. 
  • Write any improved scores down for Ringer (all players included in Ringer).
  • Put your own score into the computer after each match.
  • If you are signed up for Birdies/Chip-ins, write your name and hole on the skins sheet.


Max Score Guidelines

9 Hole Course Handicap Max Score on Any Hole
4 or less Double Bogey
5 through 9 7
10 through 14 8
15 through 19 9
20 and above 10


Printable PDF- 2014 Ladies League Schedule

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